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The Last Prophet, Michael's Mission

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Allana was trying to earn her graduate degree from USC in Television, Film, and Media Arts. With the climbing responsibilities, Allana found less and less time for her personal life. The mounting stress was causing her grief in ways she never imagined, but she tried to fool herself in believing it was normal.
Finding herself in the hospital after collapsing on a city sidewalk, she was forced to face her reality. In order to continue her studies, she agreed to seek the help of a therapist, Dr Sophia Randall.
For Michael, as the General of the Celestial Army of God and Prince of the Heavenly Host, he had never been assigned the special task of watching over only one special soul as a guardian angel.
When Michael was assigned Allana, “All glory and praise to you, Almighty and Ever Living One,” the angels’ songs of praise rang out across the heavens.” Would Michael be able to guide and protect his special soul? Or would the fall of humanity come on Judgment Day?

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