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How to Motivate Yourself: Secrets of the Motivational Superstars!

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New, updated edition 2017. The truth about what really motivates you! We are all born with internal motivation, but life has a way of repressing our deepest desires and highest selves. Motivational Speaker and Certified Professional Coach, Dr. Lyn Kelley, takes you through the step-by-step process to get yourself motivated once and for all!
Dr. Kelley gives you the best-kept success secrets of all the biggest and most successful motivational gurus like Tony Robbins, Barbara DeAngelis, Wayne Dyer, Les Brown, Oprah Winfrey, Denis Waitley, Brian Tracy and more. Powerful exercises along the way provide the force you need to help you sustain your momentum and propel you forward. In order to get motivated you must unlock your internal passion and desire.
You’ll learn how to:
Find your true purpose, passion and inspiration
Get that “fire in your belly”
Make good decisions
Get willpower and determination
Take risks and make changes in your life
Increase your self-worth by knowing your signature strengths
Do a lot with a little
Handle adversity and use it as a motivational tool
Become optimistic and positive
Stop sabotaging yourself and stop others from sabotaging you
Create an action plan that propels you forward
Stick through the toughest times
Realize your true desires and dreams
Manage your success

Now, with this simple step-by-step guide, you CAN get yourself motivated to achieve your “greatness potential.” Unlock your 3 keys and watch your life soar with success! Dr. Kelley has led hundreds of seminars and coached thousands of people to realize their dreams. Lyn works with professionals, executives, celebrities, artists and performers to help them 1) know what they want, 2) do what they need to do to get it, and 3) keep them on track until they have it.
This is a MUST READ for anyone who has become discouraged or despondent. It will propel you into action!

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