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A Billionaire's Heart (Blackmail, Passion, Maids and More)

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Find the way to warm his heart in this bundle of erotic stories.

The Blackmailed Maid:
What will you do when the billionaire catches you stealing?

Sophia is a normal woman struggling to survive in our harsh economy. When the housing market went under, her whole family suffered a series of setbacks that led to having to drop out of college and take up a job as a maid. Luckily, her father was friends with a man who had become a billionaire; a billionaire who promised to pay her quite handsomely.

Julian Rodin did not keep his word. Struggling to pay her bills and buy food, Sophia resorted to stealing small things from him, things she hoped he would never notice. When he installs security cameras around his mansion, though, he comes to possess photos of Sophia that will make her do whatever he tells her to.

Love's Storm:
Chloe has always been the strange girl. She's not as wealthy as her friends, and certainly not as pretty as her best friend Amanda. She's struggling to afford community college while Amanda glides through her expensive university with rich boyfriends.

Amanda's got an idea to help, though. She'll bring her friend out on the yacht, and then good times will be had by all. She even brings two hot guys for Chloe to hook up with! There's only one problem: they're gay.

An unexpected storm throws Amanda's boat against a small island and leaves the yacht's captain unconscious, Chloe has to make the whole group work together to survive. Things seem to be going well until another boat crashes into the island, too.

Justis and Chloe immediately have chemistry. But will Chloe allow that chemistry to blossom into something more?

The Billionaire's Passion:
Brenda is unlucky in love. She's so unlucky, in fact, that she's given up entirely on finding love. A chance meeting with an odd widower, however, changes all of that in an instant.

He's mourning the loss of his wife years prior, and asks Brenda to accompany him to a fancy dinner to combat his loneliness. A night of amazing food and a shopping spree later, Brenda begins to realize she's falling in love with the mysterious man. Will they both get what they want in the end?

Beware! This bundle contains explicit and hardcore sex scenes. Watch out for the following themes:

Oral sex

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