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A Twisted Pact

42 pages35 minutes


Another year passes without summer finding a partner at the fertility fest. The men are afraid of her due to her magical powers. The frustration drives her home to summon a pleasure demon who might sate her lusts in place of a man. Summer, however, is still an apprentice, and the demoness she summons is far beyond her ability to control. How will she resist the succubus' allure?

Without the ability to say no, Summer fights to be released. It is a losing battle, as she finds herself driven deeper into debauchery by the demon's irresistible powers of pleasure.

A Twisted Pact contains over 9000 words of scorching futanari fantasy erotica, featuring the bookish and sexually frustrated sorceress Summer and the powerful, manipulative succubus calling herself Eliza. Seemingly at the mere desire, this demoness can modify her own body to include very impresssive male equipment, and she intends to use it to forever conquer Summer's mind. What will her fate be? Will the succubus truly be satisfied with one evening of mind-numbing lust? Read on to find out!

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