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The Houses of Storem Box Set

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The Houses of Storem - Box Set including all three books of the Epic FantasyTrilogy: The Thunderstone, The Treachery and The Triad.

A World ruled by the power of the jewels- both for Good and Evil. The Diamond Kingdom (god Surfasi) and the Onyx Kingdom (god Borka) vie for dominance and for the love of the goddess Yui.

Empowered by jewels with various magical qualities - wizards, gemnuns, gemmonks and sapphires - along with the Lords they serve, combine to make up the SEVEN HOUSES OF STOREM, inhabited by dwarfs, icelanders, elves, catpeople and hillpeople who must unite against the evil ONYX KINGDOM.

The first book follows an adventure that finds an odd group of travelers trying to save the life of a wounded girl who is being pursued by trolls, ogres, pirates, hurks and histians - up rivers, through magical forests and mystical wizard towers, all because she may be the key to preventing the evil One from taking over the DIAMOND KINGDOM. We find a young girl Birl, wizard Eauxsage, prince Hadden, gambler Chellie, giant Nugs and half breed master thief Tem together for the first time.

In the second book, The Treachery, we find Birl, Eauxsage, Hadden, Chellie, Nugs and Tem together again fighting The One, the evil Onyx King, who desperately seeks to destroy them and the Diamond Kingdom. They are pursued by his powerful foul Miegas, his snakelike poison spitting Histian wizards along with their Ogres and Troll servants. The true King tries to fight the spreading evil but he must first prove himself to the Houses.

In the third book a young woman, now grown up, with a powerful Thunderstone wizard, a prince that must fight his brother and prove him to be a false king... combine this trio with a giant from the Icelands and a master half elf/dwarf thief... joined by a princess from the north who joins the fight in an epic final battle- The Triad is born and the adventure proceeds to its conclusion.

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