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How To Get Naked And Not Get Arrested!

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How To Get Naked And Not Get Arrested!
A quick guide to hassle free naked leisure, fun, pleasure—and profit!
Have you ever wanted to indulge in a spot of nude or topless sunbathing in your back garden but were worried that the neighbours might complain to the police? Or been tempted to do a little skinny-dipping somewhere but stayed covered up in case some over-keen official wrote you a ticket? You're not alone. Nude leisure is becoming increasingly popular, especially amongst the younger generation for whom 'nakations' are the smart new way to vacation, yet although social nudity isn't usually illegal in the Western world, getting openly naked can lead to a confrontation with the law and an embarrassing appearance in the courtroom. It's a confusing situation, and if, you're not careful, an easy way spoil your chances of ever becoming mayor.
So, what is the answer. Can you get naked without getting arrested?
In this delightful book naturist and writer Liz Egger takes a light hearted but informative look at the question and comes up with some surprising answers. Whether you just want to let it all hang out in your own back yard or whether your naked ambition extends to nudism and beyond there's something in this book for you. She even shows how enjoying your nude leisure time can earn you some useful cash!
Starting with an in depth look at good old-fashioned naturism, she goes on to explore less obvious but more exotic ideas such as:
* Nude modelling.
* Stripping and Strippagrams.
* Getting naked on stage and screen.
* The whacky world of naked occupations. (Want to be a nude sushi platter anyone?)
* Naked activism and nude protesting.
* 'Event nudity': (Getting naked at festivals, gatherings, celebrations, parades and other events).
Getting naked for your God. (As practised by pagans and others.)
All of these are activities which can be enjoyed in the nude without provoking the police, outraging the citizenry or alarming the wildlife. All you need is a little common sense and a few simple rules to follow.
She looks at each suggestion in turn and, after a general introduction, she discusses the legal position, helps you decide whether or not it would be suitable for you and how you can get started, what you can expect and even, if it's relevant, how much you can earn. A short links and resources section at the end of the book gives you some ideas and inspiration for further research.
Drawing on her own considerable experience as a nudist and a nude model, backed up by extensive research and heavy networking amongst those in the know, Liz has produced a superbly entertaining book which sparkles with the same irreverent and quirky humour that has proven so popular with the readers of her previous books.
Although the information is as up-to-date and factual as possible, this is not a legal guide and shouldn't be regarded as such. It is primarily a work of well-researched entertainment which you will enjoy reading even if your idea of naked leisure stretches no further than rolling up your trousers and taking off your socks for a quick paddle in the ocean. But should 'How To Get Naked And Not Get Arrested!' inspire you to join a nudist club, become a naked house painter, bare your all to a room full of art students or try any of the other ideas outlined in the book, you'll find plenty of good, sound advice to help you succeed—without ending up in court!

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