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Home Was Not So

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Manav did not know who Mahesh was so he looked questioningly at Sohail. Sensing his curiosity, Sohail said, “He is my mother’s husband. He is a good man.”

Sohail began to look at the cars along the road. He was expecting Mahesh, his mother’s husband.

Manav began to think about Sohail. He was happy because he had his mother and father with him, living in the same house under one roof. Sensing the sadness on Sohail’s face, Manav said to him, “Summers were really good this year.”

“Yes, but nothing different from the last year,” said Sohail and hailed a white car that was coming in our direction.

Home Was Not So
Chapter One
Chapter Two: Sohail
Chapter Three: Malini’s Marriage
Chapter Four: Zoo
Behind the Ruins
Chapter One: Strange Invitation
Chapter Two: Meeting with the Queen
Chapter Three: The Palace
Chapter Four: After the Dinner

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