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The twelve escaped shifters have scattered across the country guided by their human mentors, but there are still many more in captivity. While Captain Aarons gathers support, the shifters must risk their newfound freedom in a series of desperate gambits in order to win safety not only for themselves, but for all those left behind.

Excerpt- “Wolves, lions and crows,” Bryan muttered darkly, then settled back in his chair, brooding.
Sam let him think and turned back to his laptop, bringing up files on some of the younger children, videos of them training in both human and animal forms and project notes on the mothers. “You ready to see more?” he asked Bryan quietly.
“Hell no, but I’ll look anyway.” Bryan sighed, a pained look on his face. “I owe it to my friends to know how deep this rabbit hole goes. And I think we all owe it to those kids to get them out,” he finished, meeting Sam’s eyes, and Sam knew the battle was won. Now to win the war.

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