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Mutant's Slave

36 pages28 minutes


Escape was never an option. Pleasure was their only obsession...

Breaking down in the Nevada desert wasn’t Kitty’s plan, so she's unprepared for the inhuman creature that attacks her from the black of night. Taken captive, Kitty finds herself naked, bound to a bed...and the object of three vile creatures’ lust. Used for sexual gratification, Kitty can no more stop the terror slicing through her than she can repress the sexual pleasure consuming her. What have they done to her to make her ache for more?

Soon Kitty learns what it is like to be a slave to sexual rapture. Is escape possible or will Kitty surrender to the debauched pleasure of being the alpha mutant’s sex slave?

Warning: This 8,000 word story includes rough forced seduction, reluctant monster sex, anal and oral sex, triple penetration by tentacles, claws and reptilian appendages, domination and multiple orgasms. For Mature Audiences only.

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