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Flatlander is a collection of poems and short stories by Robert C. Huckins, author of the novel American Dreamland and Two Flags in China: A Travelogue. Throughout forty one poems and a half dozen short stories presented in this collection, some of life's most constant themes play out through an array of ordinary characters and settings. A woman struggles to find self worth in the midst of seductive infidelity. An old man deals with the celebrity and dark secrets of being the first human being to land on Mars. A young girl in Pakistan comes face to face with the true nature of her father's life. A religious zealot faces the ultimate test of his faith. A man survives disaster only to face the failings of his old life while trudging through what's left of a stark new world. The poems of Flatlander reveal glimpses of longing, introspection, concession and even humor while striving to capture the most common and universal aspects of life.

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