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The DIG App: Disposable Instant Girlfriend

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Lily's best friend in the whole world, Daisy, was twice dumped by the same guy.
The second time he dumped her, he actually threw her ass the day after they got back together, and after a passionate night at his place, no less.

Lily hated him with a passion, for what he did to her friend, but what she really failed to understand, was why Daisy seemed to take it so casually.
It was almost as if she was just waiting for him to pick her up again for another nightly romp, and let him use her like a toy he can just dispose of, whenever he wanted.

Whatever was going on with her best friend, Lily wasn't going to let him get away with breaking Daisy's heart.
So, when she met him on the street that very day, she decided to let him have it.

Of course, since he had the DIG app installed, she ended up giving him much more than she bargained for, and loving him for it.

The power of technology is really not something to be trifled with, Lily learned, the hard way.

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