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A Thread That Binds

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Honor killings are very common in backward religious societies in several countries in underdeveloped world. Very often, the village Panchayats--an elected group of five elders of the village led by a Head-pass death sentences, going beyond the realm of the law of the country. They order to kill the young boy and the young girl who happen to have married in different religion or different caste.

The present story has been inspired by a real life incident; however, the names and the places have been changed. It has not been written to hurt the sentiments of the people of particular religions or the religious groups. It is a part of our life and the author has tried to present the fictionalized version of the truth prevailing in our human society.

How a helpless girl escapes the cruel clutches of the fundamentalist society and how she enables herself to understand the reality of this life is presented in this story. It is full of suspense, thrill, and horrible realities of human life.

A Thread That Binds
Chapter One: That First Meeting
Chapter Two: Religion and Love
Chapter Three: After Marriage
Chapter Four: With Pa
Chapter Five: During Pregnancy

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