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To Light and Guard (Book 1)

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Paige Harper has a big secret. She has fallen in love with her guardian angel, Luke. Unfortunately, Luke’s ex-girlfriend happens to be a real demon, and she is hell-bent on revenge. The demons come after Paige, and her ordinary life has suddenly turned deadly...and creepy... and very, very strange. Is she crazy? Maybe. Does she care? Not really... because her love for him is real. She will never give him up. She will die if she has to... and maybe she has to.


“Watch out!” Emma screamed as we crossed over double yellow lines towards on-coming traffic. A white pick-up truck was heading straight for us. I slammed on the brakes and grabbed the steering wheel with both hands. I heard a car honk, and I jerked to the right missing the truck by inches... or by millimeters. Whatever. From my angle and with the adrenaline in my system, it was really hard to tell.

Our car spun to the right and tires screeched. Emma screamed in the passenger seat. That’s when I saw him. He landed in front of our car. His wings flared out; they were a bright white against his skin and were longer than Dad’s car. Wings! He had wings, and my eyes almost popped out of their sockets. Our car continued to spin as Emma continued to scream.
Then, he caught the car with a soft thud. The car stopped with a jerk, and the left side of my body hit the driver’s side door. Ouch. That’s definitely going to leave a bruise.

I looked to my left, out the driver’s side window, and there he was. His left hand was on the hood, and his right hand was on the driver’s side door. His body was only inches away from my window: no shirt, six-pack abs, swimmer’s body. He was wearing light brown pants that were slung very low on his hips and nothing else. I almost had to look away, well, almost.

His wings were massive! They were still extended away from his body, and his feathers rippled as his wings shifted. As shocked as I was, I still made the connection: two plus two always equals four, and flying guy plus white wings equals angel. He was an angel! Right... and let me tell you something, he was so beautiful!

Emma stopped screaming. The angel bent down at the waist and peeked through the driver’s side window; he glared at me. I held my breath as we stared at each other. His eyes narrowed, and I leaned away from the window and away from him. He was furious, I could tell. His eyebrows were pulled together in a frown, his jaws were clenched, and his eyes were a blazing deep purple. Yep. He was definitely really, really mad.

Then, he turned around, and like an angel would, he flew away. I gripped the steering wheel hard until the back of my hands turned white. I forced myself to breathe. Inhale the air in... and exhale the air out... and inhale the air in... and exhale... Still not calm, but now able to talk, I turned to my right and faced my sister.

“Em, are you okay?” I asked. Emma nodded. She was still in shock; her face was pale, and her right hand was flat against her chest. She was still trying to catch her breath. I should give her a minute or two.

“Em, did you see that?” I asked. I scratched my head and peeked out the driver’s side window.

“See what? See that you almost got us KILLED?” she shrieked, her eyes wide.

The angel was right there! How could she not have seen him?
I frowned. “No. Did you see... how we stopped?” I asked.

“Physics?” she shrieked again.

I shook my head. I peeked out the window again, but the angel was already gone. I wasn’t sure why I didn’t just ask Emma if she saw what I saw: the drop-dead gorgeous guy who caught Dad’s car with his bare hands. He was wearing brown pants made of an organic-looking fabric, and oh, by the way, he had wings. Then, of course, he flew away. Em, did you see that guy?

Maybe I kept my mouth shut for self-preservation. Physics made so much more sense. It was explainable. Reasonable. Not crazy. Physics it is. Dad's car stopped bec

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