I was almost as hard headed as it gets while repeatedly insisting on missing and ignoring the entire point that Mom and a few others tried to get me to realize.


I still had some great times here and there every now and then, and I can only imagine how beautiful-my-life-would-have-been if I would have followed the “The Golden Rules.”

Some wonderful things have happened to me even though I still feel that I truly did not deserve or even know how to sincerely enjoy thoroughly, but on the other hand, some not so wonderful things have happened to me that I basically brought on myself as a direct result of not following “The Golden Rules.”


I know my family was not the only family that has gone through a divorce, and I know there are millions of kids who went through divorce without a scratch. I am not blaming any of my failures as a man on the pitfalls of divorce, but I can clearly see now that my “character flaws” were a direct hit stemming from the casualties of my parents divorce. I did not ask to be me, and I certainly did not ask or expect to be stuck on stupid for almost three tenths of a century. It was what it was!

If I would have known their divorce would eventually effect me which I believe set the wheels in motion that turned towards me turning out the way I have, I would have started Praying that night. But I had no idea it would, and neither did they. I can only imagine how beautiful my life would have been if their marriage was meant to be, but it was not about me.


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