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The Art of Making Money

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The single book that describes in detail how to properly apply "The Law of Attraction" in your life to get the best results and and how to use the tools that you already have to move your life from where it is at the present moment to the level that you want it to be.

When the time for change has come in your life, you need not be told by others because you just know. When the things that you want seem a bit out of reach because what you are earning barely even covers your life's basic needs. The Art of Making Money is the story of how God saw me when I was in that position. Where I had missed the plot in my life and how he guided me with success principles towards wealth, health and happiness that I had never thought existed any more.

This is a book help you achieve great levels of financial abundance, and at the same time help you discover what you your life's purpose so that you may begin to do exactly what you ought to be doing in order to earn the money that you know you should be earning and to live the remainder of your life in the best way possible.

I don't know what your beliefs are, but what I know is that if you take the time to read through this book, and not just once, but constantly, your situation will get better, no matter how bad it might be. It is for that reason that I will keep this abstract short and leave you to decide what you are to do with the minutes that follow. Cheers and happy reading. I hope that you do find what you came here looking for.

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