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A Strange Turn of Magic

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The series on the early years of King Arthur continues.
Arthur is a humble tailor in an alternate England called the Greater Bretons. It is a land of real magic where dragons, fairies and evil exist. It is a land of men as well,
men of noble nature and men of evil character.

Arthur dreams of one day bringing peace and harmony to the known realms, but realizes it might be out of his reach, until one day a stranger enters his life and turns
everything upside down. The man's name is Merlyn and he teaches Arthur about greater things than just getting by, and ignoring the horrible things that exist.

Arthur's desires to excel drive him to become Merlyn's friend, but also drive him headfirst into the company of the land's largest villains, Lord High King Uther Pendragon and the Dark Lady, also known as Morgana.

In this episode Arthur finds out that Pendragon and Morgana are planning to unleash the Hounds of Hell on a poor soldier who was only doing his duty, but made the mistake of speaking too loud.

Arthur seeks the help of Merlyn to stop the hideous crime about to be committed against the man, only to have Merlin ignore him and go to sleep.

Arthur must find another way to stop the slaying of the man before it's too late to save him. To do so he must use what skills he has, and what skills does a simple threader have against the skills of black magic that Morgana uses and the powerful soldiers of High Lord King Uther Pendragon?

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