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Wonka's Easter Story

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At last it is Easter and time for another story from Wonka. Fresh from the success of his Christmas tale, Owner has thoughtfully given up one of her stories for him to tell. Taking an Easter break from all that life coaching and doing, Owner can sit back and relax whilst Wonka presents Duffel and Sam! Of course Wonka has given it the once over and said it is good to go. Duffel is a young man with magic powers and is sent to rescue Sam, a cross collie lab left behind here on earth and pining for home. Based on stories told by Owner's Dad when she was a child, Wonka thinks she is onto a winner. He has even let Owner illustrate it, and includes her work in progress! So with Wonka presenting how can it fail! So put down your Easter eggs and hot cross buns for a minute, sit back and listen with Wonka.

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