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Erotic Anna "The Conjugal Visit"

59 pages54 minutes


In this, the 2nd volume in the Anna series, the twenty something girl from San Diego, together with her roommates, sets out almost daily to apply her sexual experience in the endeavor of becoming the best call girl that she can be, in hopes of raising enough money to pay a corrupt prison warden. Unrestrained sexual stimulation and desire is the order of the day for herself and her clients. Always the quintessential virgin, Anna seeks to end that self-imposed chastity by having a conjugal visit with her incarcerated husband. Ravenous sexual desires and quirky sexual fetishes help her attain her goals, until she feels betrayed by the imprisoned man that she loves. Then nothing can stop her from satisfying her never-ending sexual desires and needs. Warning: This eBook contains graphic sexual content! It has been written for adults, 18 years of age and over!

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