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Answering God's Call: Reflections from the Lives of the Saints

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What do the saints have to teach us about living our faith in today’s world? What can we learn from them about discovering God’s plan for us? The saints are those who met the challenge of living their faith in the time and culture in which they lived. They learned to be still and listen to God’s voice. They found the courage to be not afraid to live a life of faith regardless of the challenges and persecution they faced. The saints were born regular, everyday boys and girls into families of all sorts and in places all over the world. They had to nourish their faith through prayer and study with a great desire to serve God. What they discovered was that God had a plan for their life and that when they followed the path God placed before them, they overcame every obstacle, survived every suffering, and left an indelible impression on people of all ages. We too are called to answer God’s call in our life. We are called to be still to hear God’s voice in our life and to know His voice from all the noise of life. We are called to be not afraid and trust that if God is calling us to walk a certain path, it will be one that will bring joy and peace to us and glory to Him. It will be the path that can change the world. We are not all called to be great theologians or found a new religious order or become pope, but we are called to serve God as He desires for us to serve Him. Walk with the saints and you will see how this is true. Answering God’s Call: Reflections from the Lives of the Saints will inspire and encourage you to hear God’s voice and follow Him, even if He leads you on a path you could never imagine. That path will lead to heaven, which is the only destination worth pursuing.

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