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Riding Tigers

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Set in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury District and the late 1980s, Riding Tigers is a psychosexual thriller focusing on the adventures of Lee Kuan. Lee, a charismatic loner, is a T'ai Chi teacher at a New Age College. For now. His life is in flux and he knows it. What he does not know is that he is the target of serial killer returned to town after years in Australia honing his craft. Erik set his sights on Lee years ago and has returned to complete the kill.

Both men hunt each other while a dark and twisted blonde who loves them both struggles to keep them apart. Her beauty blinds most, but Lee finally sees her for the dangerous evil she has always been. He comes to loath her, but must remain in her circle to find the man who wants him dead.

Turning within, he has to focus on who he is and who he has been. He focuses on his deep knowledge of Chinese martial arts to saves his life. As friends fall around him, Lee finds all his barriers destroyed. Slowly, he comes to see - and embrace - the love his gorgeous young male student and roommate has for him.

Although there is no graphic sex, there is graphic violence, nudity, adult situations and language.

Part of a series by Lin Besson

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