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Stations of the Cross (Velburg)

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It's an ancient tradition among the Christians, especially in Catholic and Anglican domains, to celebrate the Stations of the Cross, also Way of the Cross or simply The Cross especially in the Holy Week and Good Friday.

If You search in the internet for these terms (Google, Wikipedia etc.), You'll read that there are some differences within this celebrations. In this ebook You can view a colored Stations of the Cross with 14 stations, as shown in Velburg. The pictures are shown separated from the stone columns of the single stations with the descriptions of the scenes in English, French and German.

This pictures are elaborated by Egino Weigert (1920-2012) from Cologne about 1950 or 1960. They are made as enamel coated copper boards. The stations were erected in the 19th century. The way is about 300 m in length.

Stations 1 to 8 are on the left side of the way, all others on the right one.

Velburg is a town in the administrative district Neumarkt in the Oberpfalz. The Herz-Jesu-Berg up there is this Stations of the Cross.

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