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The Little Book of Big Enlightenment

81 pages58 minutes


New Age guru Lompoc Tollhaus has lost his serenity.

His mystic self-help books haven’t sold very well. And now a “chakra mishap” has forced him to miss a deadline. But this poor man’s Deepak Chopra is furious when his publisher adds a co-author to “goose things along” on Tollhaus’ latest book about “condensed enlightenment.” To sour matters even more, this new co-author isn’t even a fellow swami. Tollhaus finds himself forced to write alternate chapters with a Viagra copywriter.

In this lighthearted fictional look at New Age products and marketing, Tollhaus and his co-author snark, snipe, and leak each other's embarrassing personal information into the pages of a book alerting readers about a fantastic new method for reaching total consciousness in less than five minutes. In addition, the squabbling authors caution the public on the deceptions practiced by New Age corporatism in the form of "Big Spirit."

But in the midst of this editorial bushwhacking, something subtle and unexpected occurs. Can Lompoc Tollhaus—the man with more pastel sweaters than Eckhart Tolle—take stock and peer deep within his soul and learn if he truly believes what he is selling?

A short, fast, fun read, the "Little Book" delivers a rainbow of laughs. Add to your cart now and may your energy always be balanced in way that doesn’t add calories. Namaste.

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