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The 5-Bagger Arsenal

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The 5-Bagger Arsenal is a story of a son’s struggle to fulfill the obligation of wreaking vengeance on his father’s murderers.
After refusing to be by his father’s side in a time of need, Miguel Angel Devora puts into motion the forces of his father’s demise. The result is the biggest shock in Miguel’s life, discovering his father’s mutilated body in a stainless steel tub on a dark, dusty street in Juarez, Mexico. The son, a police detective, investigates a crime and finds the remains of his father, the police chief.
Such is the nature of police work in Mexico. A father trains a son into his own image. But to be greedy in a corrupt world, one also has to abandon one’s heart and be cruel. Miguel opted out. Those characteristics are not in his nature. The result, a dead father who was a police chief, and Miguel banished from his home, his city and his country.
Across the border in El Paso, Texas, Miguel repossesses cars for a living and imagines the what-if and what-might-have-been scenarios if he’d acted like a true son. He can’t help but think about the past. He loved his father. But Miguel learns that even after death parents can put demands on their children. Before dying, his father’s last words to his captors were that his only son would draw his sword, hunt down and slay all enemies.
What do the murderers have to fear? They watched Miguel flee with his tail between his legs over the bridge above the Rio Grande River into the land of Lady Liberty, a coward’s run. But they’ve discovered that in addition to having been a police detective, Miguel has been trained in the arts and crafts of a sicario, an assassin, training that his father secretly supervised. The father’s dying declaration of how his son will seek retribution haunts his murderers like ghosts. The son is no coward, and may in fact be the ruthless image of his father. The son must die before he can live up to the picture painted by the father.
After returning a repossessed car to the owner of a bowling alley, and allowing a boy who was hiding in the back seat to be kidnapped, Miguel steps into another horror. Five bodies have been desecrated in the bowling alley in a manner identical to his father’s body. The butchers’ message is clear. Miguel is the target of the thin blades of their knives.
The boy has left Miguel a gold coin. Miguel uncovers the wealth of its source while skirting an assembly of greedy miscreants chasing him. The treasure trove and boy are in Mexico. Miguel crosses back into his past and is captured by his father’s killers. Seconds from being sliced by a psychopath’s knife, Miguel is aided by the boy who sneaks into his hand an instrument of salvation. The boy is prepared to sacrifice himself like a son would for a father. Miguel frees himself and does away with his captors.
Upon Miguel’s return to El Paso, he finds out that his father’s killers have survived and are in the county hospital. As fierce as vengeance can be, Miguel makes a compromise with the tenets of how his father lived and with the ones he lives by. In one fell swoop, Miguel vanquishes the entirety of all who had done harm to his father to the satisfaction of both his and his father’s philosophies of life.

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