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Unclaimed (A Kole Family Novel)

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Dear Reader,

Being the oldest son of an infamous rock star is an amazing thing. Too bad nobody knows because dear old Dad could care less about me. I’m the unclaimed, bastard son of a rock star.

As the unclaimed, the unacknowledged, I can live my life how I want, which is more like my father than my mother will ever admit. She won’t even admit he’s my father. I’m a moody, womanizing ass. I know it. I love it. It’s a good life. Until her.

A birthday celebration, too many drinks, and a one-night stand and I’m hooked, addicted. I wasn’t looking for a relationship when I collided with Prudence Kennedy Thompson. A sexy, college co-ed with big, brown eyes and long, wavy, brown hair.

We aren’t a perfect match. I’m tall. She’s short. She’s rich. I’m, well, not. We are completely different. I want her, can’t live without her, but can we find a way to fit together? Can I, an unclaimed bastard, find a way to claim what my heart desires most?

Lincoln O’Neil

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