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Prince of Cats

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Having finally escaped her duty as the slave for a prominent family, Neomee’s joy is short lived. Much to her horror, she has been reassigned to the Temple, better known among her people as the House of Cats.

Growing up she’d heard stories of the Guardian Cats and their ability to shift. Now she’ll have the opportunity to witness these so-called Cats up close. Intrigued by the notion, Neomee is also simultaneously petrified. She learns quickly that her previous antics won’t be tolerated in the House of Cats and what’s worse; her once untouchable status has been removed. Apparently, Guardian Cats are not only permitted to use the slave women as their “play” things, but it’s actually encouraged! Neomee struggles to keep her head down and her mouth shut while plotting her escape from her life as a slave.

Bray’s existence in the temple has been a dull and meaningless one. Even designated as the revered Prince of Cats, he still couldn’t bring himself to overcome the loss of his mate. That was until a young slave unintentionally pulls him from what he believed was an unending self-loathing.

With his full attention now captured Bray notices the young slave, Neomee, isn’t like the others. At closer inspection, he discovers she hides a willful spirit and wild beauty under the façade of slave-like obedience.

Unfortunately for Neomee, she does the one thing you should never do where a Cat is concerned, she runs. Unable to control his instincts, Bray gives chase and once he has captured his prey he’s unwilling to relinquish her.

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