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Five students meet on their first day at college although they are all studying different subjects. There is Fliss, a dyslexic, brilliant artist whose academic family have rejected her ; Bridie, an Irish girl far away from her own family, there to study catering in England ; Jules, a handsome, charming homosexual studying design whose family doesn't want to understand him ; Gustave, a German financial wizard in England to improve his English and finally there is Claudia, beautiful, elegant daughter of rich parents who have no time for her. She begins studying design with Jules but changes to journalism.

They pal up first of all by meeting up at lunchtimes and in the evening. At the end of the first year they decide to rent a house together. They all pay a share of the rent and food but Claudia, who has unlimited funds, provides all the luxuries - mainly wine for their ‘orgies’ - Bridie practices some of her recipes and they drink unlimited red wine. They get to know each other thoroughly and tell of their past life realizing that they all need a new family who really cares about them and the ‘gang’ provides that
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ISBN: 9781493193752
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