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The Ultimate Europe Train Travel Guide

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Have you ever wanted to travel around Europe and see all the beautiful places this great land has to offer? If you travel by airplane, you miss so much being in the air. If you travel by vehicle, you are cramped for hours and days and by the time you arrive to your destinations you are worn out. The train offers a great mode of transportation giving you the opportunity to relax while you observe the landscape from your window.

Train travel is a fantastic way to see the continent of Europe. Fifty-one countries make up Europe and most of the countries offer many choices in rail stations that can carry passengers from the tip of the Arctic Circle in Norway to the southern tips of Italy and Spain and from the east and west and all the vast area in between. The Ultimate Europe Train Travel Guide is a comprehensive train guide that gives you every train station in all of Europe, from the public transportation to all the private owned rail stations. Learn about the wonderful tourist destinations on the European continent. Discover the natural (and manmade) wonders in the beautiful countries that make up Europe. There is a listing of all the names, addresses, and phone numbers of every train station in Europe.

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