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Casino Crapsmology: Learn to Play and Win at Craps

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Craps is the only casino game in which it is possible to go from $1 to $900 in 2 throws of the dice. It is also the only game where all of the players, regardless of wealth or experience, start out at exactly the same place. And it is by far the fastest and most fun table on any casino floor. You can always find the Craps table just by following the sheer noise and excitement. It’s the one game where players can work together to share the good fortune and winning. A table that works together can even lower the House odds and make each and every player’s cash intake grow. People talk, share tips and the camaraderie is infectious.

On the practical side, to play, a basic understanding of the game is necessary. There are few rules, but Craps has the most ways to bet and win on the floor. The main two parts of the game are throwing the dice and betting. Throwing the dice and betting on the thrower only requires knowing a few numbers. For most, 7 or 11 win; 2 or 3 is a loss and 12 is a push. Any other number means you are now betting on that new number. Throwing the dice is mainly a matter of luck, style and confidence and we will explain how to be confident in your shooting, your betting and your table selection.

About that betting, Craps bets are some of the most varied in the Casino. The first type is Pass or Don’t Pass. With a 7 or 11, Pass win and Don’t Pass lose. With a 2 or 3 or 12 Pass Lose. With a 2 or 3, Don’t Pass Win and with a 12 they push. With any other number, that number becomes the point to roll and bet for and against. Then there is odds betting and the consideration of House odds, which every casino has, but which may never be the same. Although it may sound complicated, betting is easily understandable and we will explain how you can even bet for and against yourself to give you the most ways to win.

One of the best traits shared by all successful Craps players is confidence. Confidence allows a player to take their time and pick the right table

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