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Skywald Comics: Psycho Issue 05

68 pages20 minutes


Stories include:
- by Boris Vallejo
- Earth-Worm: A Psycho Scene by Bill Everett featuring Earth-Worm
- Let the Dreamer Beware by Ralph Reese
- Power of the Pen by Doug Wildey
- Heap: The Cavern of Doom by Ross Andru, Mike Esposito
- Psycho Photo-Special: The Vampire
- The Unholy Satanists by Serg Moren
- Out of Chaos: Out of Chaos...a New Beginning, part 2 by Rich Buckler
- Frankenstein, Book II: Frankenstein, Book II: The Sewer Tomb of Le Suub! by Tom Sutton, Jack Abel
- Psycho Delivery by Boris Vallejo
- The Psycho-Analyst
- Ad for Nightmare #6 by Jeff Jones
- Ad for Hell-Rider #3 by Gray Morrow

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