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Skywald Comics: Psycho Issue 06

67 pages21 minutes


Stories include:
- by Vicente Segrelles
- Psycho’s Supernatural Series: Psycho’s Supernatural Series: Abrasax by Pablo Marcos
- The Vow! by Pat Boyette featuring Aaron Parigee; Madalayne Parigee; Cassandra Parigee; Andre Brigance
- The Midnight Slasher by Pablo Marcos featuring Inspector Richards; Miss Watts; Missus Shrimpton; Officer Wyman
- Sleep by Jeff Jones featuring Doctor Zim; Robinson
- Psycho Delivery
- The Psycho-Analyst
- Heap: Dark Victory! by Ross Andru, Pablo Marcos featuring The Heap [Jim Roberts]; McKlusky; Sheriff Donaldson; Professor Monty Elliot; Laurie Elliot
- The Seventh Voyage Of Sinbad by Allan Asherman
- Of A Sudden Is Thy Death! by Gus St. Anthony featuring Margo Case
- Frankenstein: Frankenstein, Book II: The Phantom Of The Opera by Tom Sutton featuring Frankenstein Monster; Lilith; Le Suub; Erik; Dr. Henry Frankenstein; Pretorious
- Sand Castle by Pablo Marcos featuring Tony; Benny; Vampire
- Nightmare: Future Shocks: A World of Thrills by Alberto Pujolar
- Werewolf Pin-Up by Bill Everett featuring Werewolf
- Psycho Sums It Up:

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