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Skywald Comics: Psycho Issue 16

65 pages24 minutes


Stories include:
- by Domingo Gomez
- The Old Vampire Lady by Jesus Duran
- The Archaic Horror Mailbag: Christoper Lee's Comic Opinion
- Monster, Monster: Monster, Monster Rise From The Crypt by Ricardo Villamonte
- Darkos Manse: They Lived In Darkos Manse! by Maro Nava
- The Thing With The Red Ribbon In Its Hair by Domingo Gomez
- Dead - But Not Yet Buried: Edgar Allan Poe
- The Thing In The Box by Fernando Rubio
- Hunger Of The Slaughter-Sludge Beasts! by Jesus Suso Rego
- A Tale In Old Egypt: The Premature Burial by Felipe Dela Rosa
- Movie Reviews: Nosferatu
- Greed by Ricardo Villamonte

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