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Skywald Comics: Psycho Issue 07

68 pages21 minutes


Stories include:
- by Vicente Segrelles
- Edgar Allan Poe's Pit & Pendulum by Pablo Marcos
- Kerene by Domingo Gomez
- Horror Has 1 Thousand Faces by Domingo Gomez
- The Family Jewels by Dennis Fujitake
- Heap: A Spawn of Satan by Pablo Marcos
- The Terrible Tragedy of the Tormented One! by Pablo Marcos
- Psycho Photo-Special: The Masters of Blood by photos from movies
- I am Demona: The Feastings of Prince Yamm by Steve Englehart, Steve Englehart; Vince Colletta
- The Asylum of Frozen Hell by Pablo Marcos
- Forewarned Is... Forearmed! by Jim Pinkoski
- The Discombobulated Hand by Ramon Torrents
- Psycho Delivery
- Guest Column
- Ad for Nightmare #8
- Skeleton pin-up by Pablo Marcos

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