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Skywald Comics: Psycho Issue 15

68 pages14 minutes


Stories include:
- by Vicente Segrelles
- How To Make A Mummy by Maelo Cintron
- The 13 Dead Things by Jesus Duran
- Jose Gual Profile by Jose Gual, Maro Nava
- When The Bad Moon Rises... I Am A Ghoul! by Maro Nava
- The Ghoul by Ferran Sostres
- The House of Demons by Amador Garcia
- Scream Screen Scene: All Girl-Ghoul Movies
- Ghouls Walk Among Us by Ferran Sostres
- The Town That Crumbled by Jesus Suso Rego
- I Laugh The Laugh Of The Graceful Dead! by Felipe Dela Rosa
- Scream Ad by Zesar Lopez

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