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Skywald Comics: Psycho Issue 10

68 pages27 minutes


Stories include:
- by Pablo Marcos
- by Pablo Marcos
- The Suicide Werewolf by Pablo Marcos
- The Legend Of The Man-Macabre by Francisco Javier González Vilanova
- ...Peter Piper Picked A Peck Of Pickled Corpses... by Maelo Cintron
- The Legend Of An 18th Century Gentleman: H. P. Lovecraft
- Ed Fedory: This Is The Slither-Slime Page
- The Heap: Even A Heap Can Die! by Pablo Marcos
- The Transplant!! by Fernando Rubio
- Scream Screen: A Leering Look At The Frankenstein Monster...Karloff
- Tightrope To Nowhere by Juez Xirinius
- Re-Write: Frankenstein by Maelo Cintron
- ...It... by Maelo Cintron

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