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Skywald Comics: Psycho Issue 23

67 pages16 minutes


Stories include:
- by Sebastia Boada
- People Of The Dark
- The Phantom of the Dead: Midnight In Wax by Jose Martin Sauri
- Psycho Mailbag: Gene Day/Augustine Funnell Profiles
- The Curse Of The Snake Goddess by Jose Cardona
- Portfolio Of The Master Criminal, The Vampire by Gene Day; Ricardo Villamonte; Ferran Sostres; Zesar Lopez; Paul Puigagut; Jesus Duran; Pablo Marcos
- A Garden Of Hellish Delight by Cesar Lopez
- Killerclown
- The Werevampirewolf by Jose Cardona
- The Man Of The Crowd by Ferran Sostres
- The 300th Birth Day Party! by Ramon Torrents
- The Mummy Khafre: The Mummy Khafre, part 2: The Murderess by Cesar Lopez
- by Maelo Cintron
- Zombie Pin-Up

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