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Skywald Comics: Psycho Issue 03

67 pages15 minutes


Stories include:
- The Man Who Stole Eternity by Bill Everett featuring Un-named man (death); un-named woman (villain, sorceress, the man's wife); Anothor (villain, evil spirit); Nixwit (villain, evil spirit); Abaddon (villain, evil spirit); Charlie Peace (villain, fence); Mike Mason (villain, thief)
- Frankenstein, Book II: Chapter One by Tom Sutton, Dan Adkins
- by Boris Vallejo
- A Coffin For Captain Cutlass by Serg Moren
- Heap: The Heap Meets The Horror Master! by Ross Andru, Mike Esposito
- Psycho Delivery
- Gruesome Crewcut! by Chic Stone
- Love Witch: The Love Witch by Ernie Colon

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