Atomic War Issue #3 (Ace Comics)

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Atomic War Issue #3 (Ace Comics)

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Length: 35 pages14 minutes


Stories include:
- U.S. Defense Bonds: First Lieutenant Henry A. Commiskey, USMC Medal of Honor featuring First Lieutenant Henry A. Commiskey (photo)
- Commando Crackerjack by Chic Stone featuring Glenn; Adam Maestrich (dies); Captain Olsen; Sgt. Rigby; General Feversham; Brom; Gainless; Massy; Nauheim; Nelson; Tapman; Ulster; Wyman; Colonel White; Salway; VILLAINS: Russians; Dmitri (dies)
- Log of the Snorkel Wolf Pack featuring Captain Jarvis Brown; Paul; Harry; Clausen; Lt. Barris; VILLAINS: Russians; Commander Gregor Varaslav (flashback; dies); Lt. Petron (flashback; dies); Surovnik (flashback; dies); Tulachek (flashback; dies)
- The Invaders
- Slash by the Iron Greyhounds featuring Colonel Ben King; General Stokely; General Groves; Burnett; Malloy; VILLAINS: Russians; General Bronsky
- U.S. Defense Bonds: Lt. Colonel Reginald R. Myers, USMC Medal of Honor
- Spot Reducer: Spot Reducer
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