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Sure Fire Comics Issue #02

66 pages12 minutes


Stories include:
- Flash Lightning
- Flash Lightning: "From an ancient temple in Egypt, Flash Lightning's teacher, the Old Man of the Pyramids comes..." by Harry Lucey featuring Flash Lightning; Rita Van Dyke; Sabbat (villain); Tiger Man (also referred to as Tiger Mask; villain; Rita's uncle)
- The Raven: "The Raven visits the office of a crooked politician where he knows..." featuring The Raven [detective-sergeant Danny Dartin]; Lola (his fiancee)
- Marvo the Magician and Tito: "Always in quest of adventure is that master of magic, Marvo the magician, and his highly-trained monkey..." featuring Marvo; Tito (his trained monkey); June Evans (damsel in distress)
- Whiz Wilson and his Futuroscope: "Well, here goes a hundred years -- I'm off to Switzerland in 2040." featuring Whiz Wilson (youthful genius of science)
- Ace McCoy: "In South America, strange things are happening: rebel outbreaks..." featuring Ace McCoy (pilot; federal special agent); Bill Regan (his aide and mechanic)
- X, the Phantom Fed: The Terror Trust featuring X; Betty Dale (reporter)
- Buck Steele: "Hmm... she's too nice a girl to be going into a tough saloon." featuring Buck Steele (Robin Hood of the Range); Blackie (his horse); Rusty (his dog); Joan Martin (daughter of murdered sherrif)
- Billy the Kid
- Clues that Caught Criminals

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