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Fawcett Comics: Don Winslow 048 (1947-08)

51 pages7 minutes


Stories include:
- Don Winslow of the Navy: Maelstrom of the Deep!
- Gillette Bicycle Tires: Bear Bike Facts
- Don Winslow of the Navy: Contents
- Don Winslow of the Navy: Maelstrom of the Deep
- Don Winslow's Navy Quiz
- Wheaties: George Case
- Don Winslow of the Navy: Don Winslow's Crossword Puzzle
- Bell Bottom Bill: No Answer
- Adventures of Sam Spade; Wildroot Cream-Oil: The Case of "The Web-Footed Burglar"
- Don Winslow of the Navy: Death at High Noon
- Denizens of the Deep
- Whipper Snappers: Art Treasures
- Captain Tootsie; Tootsie Roll: Saves the School Party by C. C. Beck, Pete Costanza featuring Captain Tootsie
- Don Winslow of the Navy: Flatbush Foley's New Career
- Anarcho Dictator of Death ad
- Jim Wise; "P-F" Canvas Shoes: Jack Treddle Gets Hero's Medal
- Dippy Detours: Punch Lines
- A "Warriors of the Sea" Story: Battle of the Nile
- Jetsam Joe: Black Despair!
- Bell Bottom Bill: Eerie Tale
- Eaglebeak Spruder: The Strangest Things Happen to Him! It's Really Remarkable!
- Don Winslow with the Coast Guard: The Camera Fiend!
- Snap! Crackle! and Pop!; Rice Krispies: Help Jerry Save the Express
- Winchester Roller Skates: "Wings" Winchester Saves the Baby

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