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Misinformation is an
impedance to metanoia, (turning from bad to good,) which is the central message
of christianity. It misleads, it disorients, it confuses, it generates
misunderstanding and disaffection, and occasions emotional and spiritual

This book decries its
pernicious effect on the future of mutual understanding, love, peace, and
harmony in the nuclear family setting, and in the wider family that includes
all human beings of all colours, races and cultures. The book seeks to awaken
consciousness to the reality of the pervasive presence of misinformation in our
midst, recommends efforts at eradicating it, and by showing the light aims at
replacing it with information that is wholesome, palatable and correct. This
book is not about people per se, as individuals or as groups. It is about their
intellectual inconsistencies and the harmful demagoguery that proceeds
therefrom. Where names appear of persons, groups of people, institutions, or of
events and places, they are merely incidental. It was not possible to avoid
them and still address the wrong they were intended to instance.

The directness of address is
a timely invitation to change the rather too timid, too politically correct way
in which important issues, especially those affecting revealed information,
have hitherto been addressed. While it may sound somewhat disturbing to some
parochial interests and localized opinions, it is really meant to express love
and acceptance to all. When Jesus called the Pharisees and the Saducees
hypocrites and whited sepulchres, it is not because he hated or despised them,
it is because he loved them so much he was spoiling to have them change for the
better even if it took harsh language.

A book for everyone, it has
no precise target readership because when information contained in a book is
from revelation, who is it not for. It is instruction for the uninformed,
elucidation and edification for the doubtful, and a mental stimulant for the
tired intellectual who perhaps fell asleep. It will get you thinking, even
talking, even responding, and that’s not a bad thing. Many themes seem fused
together in this book and that is because I am not writing on any of them, I am
using them to illustrate and buttress the case I am making for the need for
correct information.

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