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Friendship. How It Works / How To Do It Better

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Friendships should be easy, right? You like someone, they like you, you get on. End of story. But what happens when things don’t go like you think they should? Why do most people lie awake at night worrying about their relationships? What if your friendships are failing? What if your friends are talking about you behind your back? Cecily Paterson takes an honest, practical and Christian look at friendships in this book. You’ll find answers to your most asked questions, tips on how to start conversations and a look at some of the notable friendships in the Bible. Topics include: I know I’m supposed to love everyone, but does that mean I have to like them? Help! My friends are changing. What’s so wrong with gossip? I’m shy. They all know each other. I think I’m going to die. The four spaces of friendship: public, social, close and intimate.

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