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I spent 45 years heavily involved in politics and noted there was a decline in the quality of people we were sending to Washington DC.
I also remembered 2 very good friends of mine both being County Democratic Leaders , always talked about the changes in demographics
that would overturn the totally Republican county in which we lived. Slowly but surely it started to occur. I got involved in State and Federal
elections and saw that it was also true there. I believe the voting populace are really not totally aware of whom they are sending to higher
levels of government, and they are all "yes" men/women to the political leadership of their particular parties. Hence came to the conclusion
that it was time to try to open the eyes of Mr. & Mrs. John Q. Public as to what was really happening with their blind sanctioning. After reading
the Federalist papers written by our Founding Fathers I discovered they weren't so hot on the idea of political parties, and here we have some of
the biggest fears of our Founding Fathers coming to fruition. It must stop or the greatest experiment in man-kinds history will go down like every
other great civilization.
Anthony C Canger
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ISBN: 9781493171187
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