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This book contains many things for many people. Also there is a number of practical remedies from the medical files of Edgar Cayce, The Great American Prophet and Psychic. His predictions about the coming major earthquakes that will affect greatly the cities of San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Japan, The Mediterranean and other parts of the world are most revealing. The reader will find quotes, aphorisms, maxims and apophthegmata from the most advanced minds of the world. This book is not a fiction and it can not be read as fiction. It is not a biographical, historical, narrative, a children’s book, or religious. Within it, there is wisdom, knowledge, and information on a variety of subjects, rarely found in a single book.

"Thank your inclusion of Edgar Cayce to such an honorable compilation of thinking minds. I am sure wherever you intend to promote your manuscripts, it will be received in the spirit you have intended with common binding thread of a greater power driving all forces to a grand appreciation of being. Much appreciation for your dedication to compiling this work of philosophical and spiritual ideas from the minds of extra-ordinary men."

Claire Garnener, Archivist
The Edgar Cayce Foundation

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ISBN: 9781491719503
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