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Kiss The Sky

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This is London in the heady nineties. The world is waking up to the tribal tom toms of repetitive beats, much to the dislike of the authorities, which violently try to clamp down on the abundant creativity and unity emanating from the speaker stacks. Together, three girls are hijacked into this subversive scene for better and for worse...

After recurring dreams, Claudia drops out of college to become an artist. It's a snowy winter. On her quest for a bohemian life she moves into a freezing cold warehouse in the East End of London, where she survives on canned sardines and apples while painting, not realizing at first that she has landed herself in the heart of the city’s underground party scene.

Claudia, Q and Paloma are drawn together through their need for artistic expression and wanton hedonism. Their nocturnal escapades lead them out onto the roof of the vast industrial building, where they film each other wearing nothing but silver angel wings and roller skates.

A carnival ride through London's inner-city neighborhoods taking you to Brick Lane, Camden Town, the ghettos of Hackney and Notting Hill, as Claudia and her mates strive to overcome the trials of existing in the urban jungle, while remaining true to themselves and their ideals.

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