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Moving On: A Practical Guide to Downsizing the Family Home

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Moving On: A Practical Guide to Downsizing the Family Home is an upbeat, hands-on guide that pulls together a wealth of practical information, sanity-saving tips, and heartwarming stories from people who have emptied out a family home packed full of "stuff." While aimed primarily at those dealing with a home that has been lived in for many years, it is valuable for anyone who is trying to stay on top of accumulating "too much stuff."

The authors, and the experts they interviewed, have helpful tips on how to care for, preserve, donate, or sell objects, as well as how to get rid of the things no one wants—in short, how to deal with everything from antiques and collectibles to old family photographs and letters, to the toxic waste under the kitchen sink.

What distinguishes this book from most books on decluttering is its emphasis on finding the perfect balance between "keeping" and "throwing," as well as on an ecologically responsible approach and one that recognizes the importance of historic preservation and family history. Professional organizers and senior move managers find it especially helpful for clients who have difficulty in getting rid of things.

Each chapter provides a checklist of "smart questions to ask" to help jump-start the process, foster communication, and ensure that nothing important is forgotten. The reference section directs readers to additional resources for information on how to sell, donate, or otherwise dispose of various items.

Anecdotes from people interviewed by the authors demonstrate that it's possible to get through this process with family relations intact, and that despite the inevitable tedium, there can also be surprising moments of satisfaction.

"The good news is that, while this is a big job, and it can be overwhelming…it can offer wonderful moments of nostalgia, new chances to heal old wounds, and great opportunities for family bonding," the authors conclude.

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