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The brightest colors woven on history’s tapestry are those that teach us how to overcome trials and serve others in such a way as to elevate their lives to great heights of human accomplishment while, in the process, giving glory to our Maker.

Part novel, part memoir, part history lesson, Send Me: A Soldier’s Story seeks to draw you in, inform you, and then inspire you.

“Every soldier’s story is unique. This one is mine. What I offer you is the story of a young marine who, after transferring to the US Navy, served aboard the USS John F. Kennedy; faced the challenges later in the army as a young warrant officer of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm; and afterward served in military intelligence, where he found himself knee-deep within the Activity—America’s most secret Special Operations Team.”
—CW3 Mike Dean USA (Ret)
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ISBN: 9781491707074
List price: $3.99
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