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A Field of Snow and Other Flights of Fancy

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While compiling this collection, I tentatively called it “Humor on Wry”, but it didn’t quite capture the end result. The playful little snippets in Part 1 fit the humor well enough, but the humor tends to be more direct than wry. Also, some of the poems in that section are there only because they’re short.

Part 2, on the other hand, has quite a few wry poems but ends with ones that are more risqué. I briefly considered calling that section “Humor on Wry ... with Mayonnaise” but decided against it. Perhaps I should have reconsidered?

The real problem is with the not-quite-inspirational nature poems in Part 3. Some of them shout, Hey! This is cool! without getting too caught up in the oooohh factor. Others are appreciative and recognize the awesome weirdness of nature (without being maudlin, I hope). Only a handful are humorous, and I doubt they have any wryness—or rye-ness for that matter. At least, if they do, it wasn’t intended, which only confirms the theme of Part 2: Humor is a funny thing!

Part 4 is comprised of poems that are sometimes humorous, sometimes melodic, sometimes odd—whatever tweaked my fancy enough to include them. Overall, they are a fitting end to the poems in this collection, and I hope they, and the rest of the poems, bring a bit of joy and laughter (and maybe a few juicy groans) to your reading experience.

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