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Apocalypse in Paradise is a supernatural story that is a manifestation of the end time prophecies from the Word. Themes in modern society that are most troubling are reflected in this supernatural thriller. These disturbing events speak to the presence of evil in our society and around the globe. Issues like genocide, racism, white supremacy, gun proliferation, severely debilitating drug abuse, increased epidemics of infectious diseases, pedophilia, sexual assault, and the lack of a moral compass in modern society. Just like Babylon.
The story takes place on a tropical island that has a military installation with a diabolical colonel, who like Captain Cook, tries to destroy the Polynesian islanders. Furthermore, he has his sights set on the rest of mankind. Colonel Strauss, like Hitler before him, wants to fully restore the Aryan race. Disgusted about the election of an African American president, Colonel Strauss is bent on ridding the world of the colored people, black and brown. And let’s not forget the Jews. They’d missed some in the gas chambers and death camps. His diabolical plan is to insert a horrible plague-a fatal disease-into humanity. The only hope is a life-saving vaccine that will only be given to white people.
The story begins with a prologue that highlights the catastrophic events occurring on the beautiful tropical island called Nardei (Nar-day), located in the southern Pacific Ocean, as a result of the implementation of Colonel Strauss’s diabolical plan. It has been twenty-nine days since the ill-fated luxury ocean liner, Tropicana, left the port of Honolulu. Most of the passengers were either sick or dead. Kate, the nurse from the cruise ship, was now sick too. She still could not believe that evil could exist in a place so beautiful that it had been compared to the Garden of Eden. In this majestic setting, evil was running amok. And why not? Lucifer could quietly get his hold on the world from such a remote location. A sneak attack, if you will.
Kate, the nurse on the Tropicana, has just found love with a Hawaiian warrior named Kimo, the leader of the island’s people. And sadly, now she was dying of the sickness. She knows that the end draws near.
The evil present on the island is reminiscent of the days of Captain Cook, when he sailed into Kealakekua Bay in 1788 and exploited the island’s people. Ghastly incidents occurred, like decapitations, mutilations, human sacrifices, and rape of women and children, darkening the sunny days that were once bright and majestic in this tropical paradise.
Now history was repeating itself.
Today, the village is burning. Once again, the decapitation of the warrior men was happening. The heads were stuck on stakes in front of the village heiau, an ancient temple of worship. The same demon in Cook’s day is orchestrating the unfolding calamity on Nardei—a horror so great that scores of local people are taking their own lives, jumping from the high cliffs into the raging ocean crashing below on sharp outcroppings of rocks, death by drowning. Kate was not going to give in to the compulsion to commit suicide.
Kimo, her new love, and the other village men are currently on a mission to invade and occupy the military installation to steal the life-saving vaccine. They dared to enter the lair of the beast. Colonel Strauss, a Nazi, a white supremacist, has a plan to restore the Aryan nation. He intends to destroy not only the island but he seeks to impose the eugenic goals of Adolf Hitler. Would Kimo and his men really be able to defeat the military of the United States? The odds were against them.
Pastor Kua, the village preacher, joins Kate on the beach where she is watching the magenta sunset. Would it be her last? After all, she has the sickness. Pustules, sores that were bleeding, covered most of her body. She was already experiencing the hemorrhaging from her eyes, nose, and mouth. It gave her a dead vampire look.
Despite one disaster after another, Pastor and Kat
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