The Yeti Uprising: An IPMA Adventure for Christmas 2013

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The Yeti Uprising: An IPMA Adventure for Christmas 2013

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Length: 174 pages2 hours


This story was originally begun under the National Novel Writing Month Organization ( for 2013. Now enjoy the completed story.

Join the IPMA agents on another Institute for the Preservation of Magical Artifacts adventure, this time at the North Pole during Christmas 2013 to help quash a hostile takeover. The Yeti clan of North America have decided to take Santa's workshop for their own and will use magic, their ferocity, and their sheer numbers to make it happen. Who among the IPMA agents can stop them?

Something fishy was up, Joshua knew it. What were the little fuzzy white hair balls that could seemingly use magic to grow to fifteen feet tall in the blink of an eye doing? Were they migrating north for the Holidays? And who were these men in black suits at his doorstep when after he tried to report what he'd seen on the internet.

Will he be the key to preventing a hostile take over of Santa's workshop by the Yeti? Will the agents of the IPMA trust him to unlock the secrets of defending the North Pole if he is?

As a follow up to "The Old Silk Hat", "Seeing Devils" and "Troll Brother" see what happens in a magic vs. technology battle to save Christmas Morning.

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