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14 Fun Facts About the Seine River

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The Seine River is a slow moving river. It begins 1545 feet (471 metres) above sea level, and runs 482 miles (776 kilometres) in its journey to the English Channel.
Once a major trade route, it is navigable by ocean going ships as far as Rouen.
The Seine has been subject to monster tides, and great feats of architecture. Its source is a place of worship and its basin was one of the earliest areas settled by the cousins of ancient man.
Learn about the Seine River and find out the answers to these questions:
Where is the source of the Seine River?
Are there beaches in Paris?
What is a tidal bore? Does the Seine have one?
How many Olympic events has the Seine hosted?
Any many more.

Find out more about the Seine River and amaze your family and friends with these fun facts.

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